Our Story

Over the years our business has grown from a "1 man bakery" to a busy, family-run bakery employing around 20 staff, creating and delivering bread and pastries across Wales and England.

Meet Alex

My Ethos

 I trained as a chef from the age of seventeen. When working with Daphne Lambert, an inspiring and hugely knowledgeable chef and nutritionist, I became more and more interested in bread. It was Daphne who triggered my interest in sourdough and my wild yeast starter is named after her. From there I set up my own bakery in Hay-on-Wye. Daphne also raised my awareness to the importance of using organic ingredients.


Growing without the use of artificial chemicals (e.g. pesticides, herbicides and fungicides) is essential to preserve soil health and biodiversity (amongst other things). I am very conscious that we should work with nature rather than against it so all ingredients used in my bakery are organically grown. I also believe that the way our culture has developed to use and abuse animals is fundamentally wrong so my bakery is 100% vegan.


My bakery is an example of how you lose nothing by removing animal products from the recipes. We spend a lot of time perfecting everything so that our bread and pastries are as good now - if not better - than they were when we were using animal products. Over the years the bakery has grown from me baking alone to employing about 20 staff but my family are still very involved, which is important to me.


We bake 6 days a week delivering bread and pastries fresh to our shop in Pontcanna, Cardiff (Wednesday to Saturday) as well as to markets, delis, hotels, restaurants and Waitrose stores across Wales and England.  


2010 Best Food Producer

“It was a real honour to win such a prestigious award. We were extremely proud to be announced as only the second bakery to ever win it. ”

Our Love of Baking

We make a wide range of products including 100% rye sourdoughs, mixed grain sourdoughs, heritage grain sourdoughs, ciabatta, 100% spelt, challah burger buns and pastries. We also create bespoke loaves for customers if they ask for it.


Our wild yeast starter and long fermentation act as a natural preservative and flavour enhancer, giving our bread superb depth of flavour, character and much higher nutritional value. Making bread brings you into the moment completely. It stimulates all of the senses whether it be the feel or look of the dough, the sweet toasted smell of the baking bread, or the crackle as you squeeze a stone-baked ciabatta. There is certainly something magical and inspirational about turning such simple, raw ingredients into a beautiful food.

Contact Alex and his team to find out more about becoming a stockist. If possible please include information about where you are based, your company name, the type of business you run and what you are interested in stocking.

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The Alex Gooch Bread & Pizza Shop

Opening hours for Bread

Monday to Saturday 8.30am - 3 pm

Opening hours for Pizzas
Friday 4.30 - 8pm
Saturday 12 - 8pm
Sunday 12 - 4.30 pm

To order pizzas for collection or for any shop enquiries call 02920 397 907.  


For all other enquiries (including wholesale customers) please call our Bakery in Hay-onWye 01497 822 708


Pizza & Shop - 02920 397 907

Wholesale - 01497 822 708


Kings Road Yard, 183A Kings Rd, Cardiff CF11 9DF 

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Photos by: Cristian Barnett and Adrian Sherratt