Taste is everything to us and with our pastries we aim to achieve that deliciously moreish feeling with every bite. We consider our pastries to be a bit special - different to your normal pastry found in a shop. We bake a range of laminated pastries that we call ‘Vegannoiserie’ ®. 

Take a closer look below at the pastries we have on offer:





A beautiful, light laminated pastry.


A good croissant needs to be light and flaky with a caramelised crust to give a deep, toasted flavour with every bite.

"The perfect start to your day - enjoy with your morning coffee or just on the run ."

"This fresh summer fruits croissant is always our first 'Vegannoiserie' product to sell out on market day."

Summer Fruits


Our croissant is cut in half and filled with a strawberry glaze and fresh raspberries. It is then topped with a fondant icing, more fresh raspberries and finished with a strawberry syrup.


Seasonal, fresh fruit is what brings this croissant alive.

Chocolate &

Almond Croissant

This twice-baked croissant is filled with a chocolate and almond cream that contains ground almonds and toasted, flaked almonds to give an excellent flavour.


Next the croissant is topped with almond cream and Plamil dark chocolate pieces before being baked for a second time. It is then finished with a dusting of high quality, organic cocoa which gives some bitterness to cut through the sweetness. 

"Twice-baked, adding that little extra taste and naughtiness."



"Quite simply described as a ball of deliciousness... and enjoyed at any time of day, by our customers and our team!"


A Cronc is a ball of laminated pastry that’s either been rolled in cinnamon sugar or has a chocolate centre. Once baked, it is then finished with icing.


The perfect balance of fat and sugar makes certain things insanely moreish - our cinnamon Cronc is an excellent example of this!



A laminated pastry square filled with our signature almond cream and fresh, seasonal fruit. Once baked, it is finished with an apple glaze using superb apple juice from Weobley Ash Farm (just near the bakery).


Dave the farmer from Weobley Ash Farm, has created our own Bramley apple juice, which is very sour to add balance to our syrups.

"A perfect sweet fruit pastry with a little touch of sour apples delivering that perfect balance."

Find out more about the breads we offer and the complete baking process we lovingly conduct everyday.

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Photos by: Cristian Barnett and Adrian Sherratt