Bread for me is about passion

The wild yeast starter and long fermentation act as a natural preservative and flavour enhancer, giving the bread superb depth and character.

Bread has always been a big part of my life. My mum and dad both baked at home and when i was growing up we ate toast, toast and more toast.
From the man himself – Alex Gooch
It is vital here at the bakery to deliver high quality bread every day, and we can only do this with the right ingredients and suppliers. We are very proud to work with a great selection of local suppliers.

Dark & White Sourdough (1.6kg)

Gooch’s Sourdough (1.6kg)

Rye Sourdough (800g) 100% Rye

Rye Sourdough (800g) 100% Rye

Raisin Rye Sourdough (800g) 100% Rye

Bara lawr & sesame Rye Sourdough (800g) 100% Rye

Spiced Rye (800g) 100% Rye

Sharpham Spelt Sourdough (800g) 100% Spelt

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